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The blind tasting of Arrels del Vi

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to be part of the sommelier judging panel that did the blind tasting for the Arrels del Vi awards up in Empordà. It’s always a fun experience to partake in a judging whether super serious or more for sport. The blind aspect... more>

Vinologue Priorat presented and now available

On May 4th, we were delighted to present our latest guide for DOQ Priorat in the Castell del Vi of Falset. It was a wonderful setting inside the renovated 14th century church of the castle. The presentation was hosted by the dynamic Ruth Troyano and we were joined by the... more>

Stop on by Arrels del Vi

After Fira del Vi in Falset and then Vinstra in Istria, we’d like to make a quick mention that we’ll be at Arrels del Vi in Sant Martí d’Empúries this weekend. It’s a very nice setting in this old village that sits next to the Roman and Greek ruins that... more>

The Vinologue Spring

We’ve been rather quiet lately not for a lack of anything going on, but actually because there is so much going on we haven’t had a chance to sit down and write about. The biggest news of course is that our new Priorat guide is off to the printer. At... more>

A bit about, “The Natural Way”

In the midst of this mad stretch to get the production of our soon-to-be-released Priorat guide finished, we found a small window of time to write the current cover article for Miniguide about the “natural wine” craze in Barcelona. It covers a few of the events we’ve been at recently... more>

Empordà, presented (in San Francisco)

Last week, we were happy to have the West Coast presentation of our Empordà guide alongside a tasting of Empordà wines in San Francisco. It was a splendid event with a great turnout of curious wine lovers who came to the delightful wine boutique, Biondivino in the Russian Hill neighborhood.... more>

Empordà in San Francisco – Dec 18

Next week we will be in San Francisco for the holidays and we’re thrilled to announce that on Tuesday, December 18th from 6-9PM, we’ll be hosting a tasting of several wines from Empordà region at Biondivino in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood. Naturally, we’ll also be presenting our Empordà enotourism... more>

Vinologue Empordà wins a Gourmand Award

We were quite happy to be notified that our Vinologue Empordà enotourism guide has won the award from Gourmand International for “Best Enotourism Book” – from a United States Publisher. Naturally, to have this recognition bestowed upon us is fantastic and encourages us to keep working on new guides. Now... more>

The Vinologue Priorat guide

Following in the line of our enotourism guides, we’re happy to announce that we’ve commenced researching our new Priorat guide. We’re working to cover the 100 or so wineries and producers in this DOQ region of Catalonia and show the stunning scenery and wines of this region. Wineries wishing to... more>

Announcing Vinologue Dalmatia 3rd Edition

We’re happy to announce the latest edition of our Dalmatia enotourism guide. Started in 2007, this new, third edition features 57 full profiles. It also has tasting notes for 180 wines in the region. In addition to these two key sections for any wine guide, there are also extended maps... more>
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