We’re happy to announce a fresh relaunch of our website. This was done primarily to make it more “responsive” for better mobile and tablet access, but it was also to help organize our information in a format that makes everything easier to find as well as do a little housecleaning for sections that have been unused for some time. We realized that this had become quite crucial with the development of the new Destinations section that we’re excited about but we’ll be announcing more about this at a later date.

The other big announcement is that we’ve separated the Catalan website from this main website at www.vinologue.cat. While both websites were both serving the similar function of showcasing our books, the audience for general tourism is quite different than that for the local Catalan market. This split allows us to have much more direct and accurate information, relevant to each site.

We thank all our loyal readers over the years and hope you’ll continue to stay with us for the years to come.