Last week, we were happy to have the West Coast presentation of our Empordà guide alongside a tasting of Empordà wines in San Francisco. It was a splendid event with a great turnout of curious wine lovers who came to the delightful wine boutique, Biondivino in the Russian Hill neighborhood.

This selection of wines from La Vinyeta, Espelt, and Vinyes dels Aspres were wines that people on the Pacific Coast of the United States hadn’t had much exposure to, and so everyone was very excited to try them. As the wines are all very approachable, friendly and easy to drink, the reception was very, very positive. So much so that most everyone who attended went home with a bottle or two. Naturally, for those accustomed to the full bodied nature of Californian wines, this selection of eight wines with bright fruits and a strong desire to be had with food offered a great change up. That and they’re simply really good wines.

We were also able to sneak in a bottle of the new, “Tocat de l’Ala” by Roig Parals and Coca & Fitó. It offered up a different style that, while still very much Empordà, allowed those who attended a chance to try yet another wine that shows that great versatility of the region.

In addition to those who came for the tasting, bloggers and one of the writers from Wine Spectator took a break from the holiday craziness to stop in. They found the wines quite enjoyable overall and, like most people who get their first good taste of the region, were impressed with the level of quality for the price.

We were completely thrilled by the turnout and have no end of thanks to Ceri Smith and her staff who pulled the tasting together prior to our arriving from Barcelona the same evening. And, for those who would still like to buy the guide in San Francisco, Biondivino has them for direct sale, as well as a selection of the wines from the tasting. This is of course in addition to the fantastic stock of Italian wines that they always have.

Hope to see you at the next presentation!