We’ve officially launched a full redesign of our website, replacing the old design had been up for a bit over two years. Those were different times for our guides and a lot has changed since then. This redesign has allowed us to step back and think about how we present our guides online, and to improve how we make them the most attractive and immediately approachable travel reference you’ll find.


We’ve doubled the number of titles we offer in the last two years. That can always make things a bit crowded and so we wanted to frame these better and really expose all of them to anyone who comes to the site for the first time as you can now see on the home page.

Print Editions

We started creating these with Empordà last year, continued this year with Priorat and will add other future titles such as Istria, hopefully soon. While all the guides have been released digitally on all the major distribution channels since we started in 2007, the print editions have added another fold to doing business. Naturally, being a physical product they have to be purchased somewhere and people are regularly contacting us to find out about distribution points. To that end there is a new, Where to Buy page that should list everywhere that you can find the print guides for sale.

Also with the print guides, there was the fact that Priorat is in both English and Catalan. Multilingual websites are always tricky to create and we’ve introduced some of these elements in the redesign. But, more will need to come as while the English language will always be our base (as we find it to be the international language of tourism), we want to continue publishing in other languages if there’s an interest.

A Bit of Polish

There were other smaller ones as well, such as incorporating the design aesthetic of the print guides in an online format and including links to our social media channels in a much smarter fashion.

We continue to maintain our News section here, to stay up to date on new title releases, presentations of our books, events we’re attending or anything related to our guides. For those looking to read reviews of wines we’re drinking or write ups on our travels and interesting things we encounter, venture over to our blog, There’s also a permanent link in the upper right hand corner of this website which is the little bottle with wings.

Cheers and happy enotouristic adventures!