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Five Montsant wines to know

Fresh, exciting, and bold are but a few of the terms to describe the newest wines from DO Montsant. Following are a few quick highlights from this “re-discovered” region. Find full reviews of all the wines in the Montsant guide

  1. L’Espectacle 2012
    An incredible wine that shows just how good the grapes from La Figuera are and especially the Grenache. It also happens to be the most expensive wine in the denomination.
  2. Vinyes Domènech – Teixar 2010
    The newest vi de finca in Catalonia and the first in DO Montsant. An elegant and profound wine that showcases the versatility of “Hairy” Grenache in its native environment.
  3. Joan d’Anguera – Finca l’Argatà 2011
    One of the stars of the village of Darmós and a truly exciting cellar that shows a new fresher and more expressive style than in years past which points the way forward for the denomination. Round in the mouth with good wild herbs and plum.
  4. Orto Vins – Les Tallades de Cal Nicolau 2011
    A most curious wine made from old vine Picapoll Negre. While mimicking certain notes of Grenache, it shows more red fruit as well as smoky notes and is an incredibly well-made wine.
  5. Vermunver – Gènesi Varietal 2012
    A small, old family cellar, this wine is an amazing example of the liveliness of Carignan from Montsant. Earthy and full of dark fruits it holds well-formed, light tannins and just enough acidity to carry a meal.

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